Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Bellydancer and Her Hysterectomy: So Thankful...

Today I am 2 weeks and 3 days post op, and it just so happens to be Thanksgiving Day.  I have so much to be thankful for, but I will try to keep this short and sweet...

I am amazed at how well I am healing from my surgery, physically and mentally. I am completely off my prescription pain meds (I took myself off early) and am down to only 1-2 OTC ibuprofen pills a day.  My incisions are healing up nicely with no trace of the incision in my belly button and the two lower incisions becoming fainter and fainter every day. I have my good days and bad days, mostly now dealing with fatigue and a little nausea...  Little reminders that I need to rest...  Oh yeah, that...  ;)

My belly 2 weeks and 3 days post op...
I am so grateful for my Dr.'s skills ♥

I have had a lot of love and support from family, friends and my students, which makes everything soooooooo much easier.  Receiving "get well" cards in the mail and little messages online definitely makes my day.  I even have some of my students lined up for Private Lessons at the end of December (after my follow up appointment with my Dr. of course) for which I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to start the New Year with a bang!

Funny "get well" cards from my students and friends...  
You'd think they knew me or something...  ;)

Then of course, I have my caretakers...  My dad has been super supportive and will do anything I ask him to that will help me. I am so lucky to have a dad like I do!  

My boyfriend has been a dream during "all of this" and is always there for me, daily on the phone and chatting online. He lives over an hour from me and whereas before my surgery we would take turns driving to each other on the weekends, he has been driving to my place every weekend since to be with me.  (My Dr. cleared me to drive after 2 weeks, but I am still not going to push it by driving long distances until probably after 4 weeks)  He is on his way over to my place today for our first real Thanksgiving together - We have been together for almost 3 years, and this is the holiday we spend separate with our families...  but not this year.  It makes my heart happy that we get to have a nice quiet day together with an all vegan meal.  It's just what this bellydancer ordered.  ♥

The cats are turning into pretty good nurses...  Except for the fact that they can be pests at times, like jumping on my belly, picking fights with each other on the bed while I am trying to sleep, making messes for me to clean up and getting into mischief, etc.  However, the purrs and snuggles make up for all the "bad kitty" moments any day...

Nurse Natasha making sure I stay warm and cozy  ♥

I had this idea to post all of my merchandise online (as a Facebook group) since I could really use the extra dough during this time, and honestly, it wasn't doing me any good to just have it in boxes waiting for the next vending event....  Thank goodness I did this!  I have had a lot of great orders and wow, such support.  I am very thankful to everyone who has purchased a "Politti's Pretties" item or two - Your orders are helping me earn the money I need to stay a float for the next month before my classes start back up again in January...  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

"Politti's Pretties" on Facebook:

So, all and all, this bellydancer's journey with her hysterectomy has been a good one.  I hope that any of you reading this who may be faced with this decision in the future find hope and inspiration in my posts.  It's no picnic, this hysterectomy thing, but I *know* it will all be worth every bit very soon and for this, I give thanks.

Renenutet is the Egyptian the goddess of plenty, and good fortune... an annual harvest festival was held in her honor during which a quantity of the best quality produce was dedicated to her...

Happy Thanksgiving ~ I am thankful for YOU!

More later....  xo

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