Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Bellydancer and Her Hysterectomy: Belly Up!

Today I am 1 week and 2 days post op.  Still feeling pretty good and getting stronger everyday.  I wanted to share my belly today, and how well she is healing:

This is my belly the day of my surgery after I got home...  As I mentioned before, my Dr. knows I am a bellydancer and she told me to draw a line on my abs before surgery where I wear my skirt/belt so she could make my 2 lower incisions "below the belt" so to speak ~ And she did!  Have I mentioned how RAD my Dr. is? I am so lucky to have her!  ♥

This is my belly at 5 days post op.  The little swelling I had has gone down and I have no bruising.  At this stage of the healing game, while the outside looks good, the inside hurts a lot...  I have starting weaning myself off of the full dosage of my pain meds and walk everyday, but there are some moments my body says "ENOUGH!" and gets super crabby and hurty...  :(

I would like to take this moment to introduce you to my abdominal binder.  Her name is Lucy and she is currently my best friend.  I asked for her at the hospital and my nurse got me one...  I attribute my lack of "swelly belly" to her and she has really helped with pain management.  If a hysterectomy (or any ab surgery) is in your future ~ Get one of these!!!  You will be soooo glad you did!  :)


Day 7, the medi-tape over my belly button came off after my shower and this is what I found - NO SCAR!!!  I am completely in awe of my Dr.'s skill and how she kept her promise to me that the incisions would be so small that no one would ever see them.  You cannot even tell by looking at my belly button that I have had surgery... Now THIS is a bellydancer's dream come true.  ♥

Now, I don't want you think that my whole hysterectomy thing was only dependent on whether or not I ended up with scars on my belly.  I was in 100% regardless of the "scar outcome".  I needed this procedure done to better my quality of life.  I am, however, incredibly grateful my Dr. is a highly skilled surgeon and a really cool chick.  I give thanks everyday.

Now if only the  internal "healing pain" would go away!  I have succeeded in cutting down my pain med dosage from 6 pills a day to just 2 pills a day, but I need to remember there is a reason they tell you to rest for 6-8 weeks...   ;)

Thanks for checking in on me...  More later...  xo

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